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360 Sports Consultancy is an all encompassing sports business that offers complete career development and management to professionals and students involved in sport.

Focussing on the continued progression of our clients we provide a support network to ensure commercial and career pathway opportunities are sourced, researched and delivered appropriately.

From initial professional contract and career advice to re-negotiation and re-employment we are equipped to provide the best guidance and best value to our clients – ensuring the longevity of their potential within sport.

We also offer career advice to those athletes who would prefer to investigate opportunities in the US Collegiate system and provide recruitment support to student athletes who wish to progress their sporting career in a hybrid situation alongside their professional career.

With a wealth of experience in both sport and business our management team are
equipped to make sure our clients realise their potential on and off the field of play.

360 Sports is not about a short journey during the best years of our clients’ careers – we are with them all the way and will ensure those ‘good’ years are extended.

360 Services

360 Sports Consultancy provides complete career development and talent management services to our clients and families.

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With years of experience representing a host of international players, we are perfectly positioned to identify and deliver the best possible contracts for our clients both in the UK and abroad.our clients earning potential while representing their best interests.

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360 Sports Consultancy works closely with a number of trusted partners and qualified experts to provide comprehensive financial management to our clients.


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At 360 Sports, we co-partner with industry leading specialists to provide our clients with a comprehensive legal provision to advise on intellectual property rights; image and endorsement agreements; service contracts and immigration.

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Our team has decades of experience in dealing with the media world at all levels across the UK and abroad. With longstanding relationships with sport editors and senior journalists, we have the experience and contacts to best serve our clients 24/7.

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360 Sports has a number of long-standing relationships with a range of commercial partners in relation to marketing, sponsorship and events to maximise the commercial exploitation of our clients IP and endorsement rights.

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Our experience in the field of sports marketing enables us to offer our clients a full and comprehensive solution to all PR, social media and communication requirements on a global scale.

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We provide a multifaceted service offering so that our clients can concentrate on what they do best on the field of play. Our client management team are on hand to relieve some of the stress that a career in professional sport can bring to help our athletes and their families enjoy the quality of life away from the pressures of performing.

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360 Sports Consultancy offers expert career support and advice to our athletes and families, providing a dynamic support network underpinned by our commitment to prioritising our clients best interests to secure their long-term aspirations.

360 Career Support

360 Sports Consultancy offers expert career support and advice to our clients. Our expertise is vested in our professional and highly experienced team of dedicated consultants to ensure the continued progression of our athletes both on and off the field of play.

  • Individual career plan with every athlete to ensure the longevity of their potential within sport
  • Ongoing attention and support throughout the season for all of our clients and their families
  • Career advice to those athletes who would prefer to investigate opportunities in the US Collegiate system
  • CV and retraining support for life after sport
  • Employment and recruitment consultancy
career support

360 Youth

At 360 Sports we are passionate about working with the next generation of young athletes and professionals involved in sport. We currently represent some of the brightest prospects in the UK and abroad.

Our team of consultants bring decades of experience and contacts to the business to advise our clients and families on the complexities of youth contracts and other regulations. With an active presence at games throughout the season, we pride ourselves on talent identification and building strong and successful relationships with our clients and the wider sporting community.

Our relationships with academies and clubs around the world means we all well positioned to assist with any issues or concerns both on and off the field of play.

Drawing from personal experiences within the world of sport, our team meet with clients and families throughout the season to map out the most appropriate development plan so that short term needs do not undermine the athletes long term potential. We always look to challenge our athletes and set targets and goals to ensure the continued progression of their careers.

360 International

360 Sports Consultancy has a global network of contacts and partners to provide the highest quality of service to our clients in order to maximise their potential for the duration of their sporting careers and beyond.

360 Team

Our team are dedicated professionals who have a wealth of experience in both business and sport. With worldwide connections and partners, our industry leading team provides a multifaceted level of service and support to make sure our clients realise their potential on and off the field of play.

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360 Charity

We are passionate about building long term partnerships that make a real and lasting difference, so we are delighted to partner with one of the most exciting, dynamic and fastest growing charities in the UK.

Street League specialise in changing the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds through the power of sport. Originally founded as an organisation working with homeless people in 2001, the charity now works with 16 to 25 year olds who are not in employment, education or training. Street League engages with these young people in a structured sport and education ‘academy’ programme, with two hours in the classroom and
two hours on the field of play each day.

More than 70% of Street League Academy graduates move into employment, education or training and over the next 12 months more than 1000 other young people will change their life for the better. All thanks to the power of sport!

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